Rachel Lee
Rachel Lee Profile
D.O.B. 1995
FAMILY Trevor Lee (Cousin)
Ms. Harper (Mother)
Mr. Lee (Father)
JOB Student

Rachel Lee is a Senior (Grade 12) at LCS. Since her introduction to LAKEHURST -- Rachel has always been one to meddle in anothers' private affairs. Rachel believed that her parents were going to rekindle their romance; however, she was mistaken. She recently found out that her mother and Mr. Langston have been dating; they are awaiting the birth of their first child. Rachel's the cousin of Trevor Lee. Monique Coleman and Vanessa Mayans are her best friends; she's close friends with Alli Bhandari and Miles James; on again/off again rivals with Sarah Davies.


Season 10Edit

In Imma Be (1), Rachel returns to school; estatic to be starting her Senior Year. Rachel is a little unsure about Alli Bhandari running for Student Body President, but she is on board 100%. Rachel is a little upset when Sarah Davies arrives to inform the girls that she's running for Student Body President as well. In Imma Be (2), Rachel and Vanessa are furious after Alli informs them that Mandi, Sarah's running mate, called Alli a 'Suicide Bomber'. Rachel is then shown encourages Alli not to give up and to fight back.

In Give Me Everything (1), Rachel is first shown in the auditorium, where Alli has been elected as SBP. Rachel then congratulates her. Rachel is then shown in episode, where she believes that her mother and father are going to rekindle their relationship. However, in Give Me Everything (2), she discovers that her father only moved closer so that they could spend time together.

In Rolling In The Deep (1) -- Rachel appears and discusses fresh starts with Trevor.

In Who Says (1), Rachel discovers that her mother and Mr. Langston are dating. Rachel is a little upset, because she is still holding on to the fact that her mother and father are supposed to be together forever. However, Rachel tells Vanessa in Who Says (2), that Mr. Langston's real name is Eric -- and they laugh about the whole situation.

In Dirt Road Anthem (1) and Dirt Road Anthem (2) -- Rachel is there for Monique; with moral support after Monique discovers that she has CHF.

In Motivation (1) and Motivation (2), Rachel is present, she is helping Vanessa as the girl transitions into a potential relationship, only to find out that the guy Vanessa is pursuing is a supporter of/and participant of incest.

In The Edge Of Glory (1), Rachel is shown walking with Vanessa and Alli. She discovers that Alli is sick, and volunteers to take care of the end-of-the-semester dance; Vanessa agrees as well. Later, Rachel is shown at the dance with Vanessa. They're discussing Trevor's whereabouts and it ends with Vanessa leaving to go find him.

In The Edge Of Glory (2), Rachel discovers that her mother and Mr. Langston have big news -- Rachel's mother is pregnant. The news is great; however, Rachel and Vanessa both return to LAKEHURST and discover Alli. She informs them of her suspension, Hunter Tanner's death, and the fact that they are no longer friends.

The AftermathEdit

In Back To December (1), Rachel is shown at the Dot with Vanessa. They're both talking about Rachel's mother and Vanessa's relationship with Trevor; however, they wonder if Alli is still mad at them. They then walk out of the Dot.

In Young Blood (1) and Young Blood (2), Rachel is shown again. She's helping Monique come to terms with the events that will lead up to her expected death. Rachel encourages Monique to inform Sarah and Miles of her condition, telling her that her friends will be there for her no matter what and that she shouldn't worry because they won't treat her any different.

In Moment For Life (1), Rachel is shown walking with Vanessa. She then borrows Vanessa's phone to call Alli, to make amends with her. Rachel then returns and flirts with both of the Torres Brothers (Drew and Adam). She then discovers that someone is in the store with a hoody. She realizes that it's Danny and he fires a gun. She is then separated from Vanessa.

In Moment For Life (2), Rachel discovers that Vanessa is okay, and immediately pulls her friend into a hug.

Season 11Edit